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Diagnosis | Repairs | Vulcanization | PTI

KSC Transport provides diagnostic, repair, vulcanization and ITP pentru autoturisme, autoutilitare, remorci, semiremorci, autobuze sau utilaje.


Diagnostics of cars and vans will be carried out by professionals with experience in the field, who will be able to accurately locate the causes of possible problems and come up with effective and affordable solutions in the shortest possible time. Our team also specializes in diagnosing brake systems for Wabco, Knorr or Haldex semi-trailers.


Specialists recommend that the oil be changed every 15,000 km, according to the vehicle manufacturer's specifications. In our service we perform oil change for cars, vans and buses, in a modern environment, equipped with high-performance devices.

You can also count on us for the following inspection, maintenance and repair services:
  • general overhaul of brake pads and disc
  • clutch replacement for manual or automatic gearboxes
  • steering adjustment
  • suspension running system repairs

Vulcanization and ITP

Looking for an ITP station?
KSC Transport car services are at your disposal with ITP checks for trucks, cars and vans.

This type of work is carried out by our qualified specialists on ultra-modern stands that allow the operations required by the legislation to be carried out. All these types of checks are carried out under the assistance and authorization of the Romanian Auto Registry (R.A.R.).

We have a variety of tools, equipment and accessories for Vulcanization and Workshops.

Customisation of services provided by KSC is one of the key priorities, in order to adapt to rapidly changing market requirements.